Open Digital Infrastructure

Open Digital Infrastructure represents the set of open-source code, standards and knowledge assets that digital building blocks like software libraries, compilers, communication or network protocols are composed of.

They are created by individuals, volunteer communities, in research institutions and SMEs or other corporate environments. Together, they form a foundation of free and public code that is designed to solve common challenges – firstly, in programming, but when applied, also to provide a multitude of core functions for society.

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OSS Transition Calculator

A Calculated Approach to Transitioning from Founder Models to Community-Governed Ecosystems

Research Question
How do we build a calculator to model and communicate the incentives and costs of transitioning an open source project from founder models to a community-governed ecosystem?
Why is this important to answer?

Housing calculators help people make momentous decisions about whether to buy or to rent. The aim of this project is to build a calculator and underlying model that helps open source contributors make decisions about whether (and how) to independently maintain, transition to community, or abandon an open source project.

Start Date
February 1, 2024
Metagov / Oxford
Metagov / CNRS
Metagov / UC Davis