Open Digital Infrastructure

Open Digital Infrastructure represents the set of open-source code, standards and knowledge assets that digital building blocks like software libraries, compilers, communication or network protocols are composed of.

They are created by individuals, volunteer communities, in research institutions and SMEs or other corporate environments. Together, they form a foundation of free and public code that is designed to solve common challenges – firstly, in programming, but when applied, also to provide a multitude of core functions for society.

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Building Thriving African Open Source Software Communities by Translating Collective Intelligence Methods

Research Question
How effectively do Interactive Management Research interventions advance thriving in distributed African open source software communities?
Why is this important to answer?

Pan-African open source software communities need new management techniques for overcoming challenges faced by digital infrastructure communities and the Global South. Our research question empirically tests a new collective intelligence technique — Interactive Management Research interventions — in hopes of empowering these communities to thrive.

University of Vermont
Open Source Community Africa
Open Source Community Africa
Independent Researcher