Open Digital Infrastructure

Open Digital Infrastructure represents the set of open-source code, standards and knowledge assets that digital building blocks like software libraries, compilers, communication or network protocols are composed of.

They are created by individuals, volunteer communities, in research institutions and SMEs or other corporate environments. Together, they form a foundation of free and public code that is designed to solve common challenges – firstly, in programming, but when applied, also to provide a multitude of core functions for society.

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Understanding the shift away from free and Open Domain Name Servers Resolvers

Research Question
What factors limit the adoption and use of open digital infrastructure in the domain name system?
Why is this important to answer?

More than 50% of Domain Name System (DNS) queries are answered by systems controlled by a few organisations. Understanding this trend of consolidation and its implications are of utmost importance to the privacy, security, and resilience of the global Internet.

Start Date
February 1, 2024
Digital Medusa